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You are welcome to visit our new banquet hall! Our restaurant comprises two dining rooms and a large newly opened banquet hall on the second floor.

New banquet hall

We have a rich history of organizing banquets, but now our guests have a wonderful opportunity to take advantage of our huge new banquet hall.
There is a large number of banquet halls in Domodedovo, but we hope to impress you with our scale and prices. If you are planning a big event and you are looking for a place to seat more than a hundred people, make sure to call us – our offer will be hard to refuse.
We tried to make our high-profile banquet hall well-equipped with all the necessary facilities (parking, cloakroom, dressing room) without raising the prices beyond all reason. Our banquet hall can easily accommodate 200 people setting aside the seating possibility of the open terrace. If you are organizing an even bigger-scale event, two dining rooms of our restaurant are at your service. They can seat at least one more hundred people.

Banquet hall panoramic view