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It’s common knowledge that a good sauna makes you healthier, fitter and improves your mood! We take good care of our guests and do our best to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible. That is why there are two spacious saunas in Yuzhnyi Dvorik Domodedovo Hotel.

Sauna with swimming pool – wholesome rest!


Each of our two saunas is equipped with a swimming pool with lighting, aeration and countercurrent, and can accommodate up to 20 people. The ventilation system provides air circulation, which makes your stay in the sauna comfortable. Despite high temperatures you will breathe freely. After visiting the steam room you can take a dip into the cool waters of the swimming pool, have a rest in a cozy lounge or share a meal with your friends. To do that you just need to order from our restaurant menu.

Sauna measurements:

Capacity: Up to 25 people.
Sauna: Finnish and Russian (with a steam generator).
Swimming pool: 3x5 metres with countercurrent, aeration, jacuzzi and geyser;

Sauna prices:

Up to 8 people: 1500 rub/hour
 9-12 people: 1900 rub/hour
13-20 people: 2300 rub/hour
More than 21 people: 2700 rub/hour


At your disposal there is a lounge where you can have a rest after visiting the steam room and swimming, relax to light soft music, sing karaoke. While in the sauna you can order anything you like from our restaurant menu.
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Enjoy your steam!

It is proved that sauna has a beneficial influence on our organs and our body systems in general, restoring its protective functions.
Sweating facilitates pore purification and excreting, and dry steam (high temperature and low humidity) makes your stay in the steam room comfortable. Moreover, doctors claim that provided you follow the rules of staying in the steam room, it has a positive impact on your central nervous system by improving body coordination. The good that sauna does to our cardiovascular system is well-known. Warming-up your body in the sauna followed by its cooling in the swimming pool strengthens vascular walls, improves blood circulation, enhances cerebration. However, it is important to remember that sauna is recommended only to people with no vascular diseases.

Sauna panoramic view